A man and his guitar


John Peter Goodnight is a self-taught guitarist and singer who has performed solo and in various different bands since he was 15 years old. Ever since he was a child growing up in Paris he taught himself how to play songs whose beauty drew him in. Over the years this list of songs has grown to encompass an extensive range of musical styles sung in over five different languages, including: romantic French Ballads, Sambas, blues tunes from the States, Boleros, Greek Rebetiko, New Orleans Calypso, Salsa, Regge and Funk among many others.

His soulful performances bring his listeners beyond the technical prowess of the songs and straight to their very essence.

John Peter Goodnight will seduce you, entertain you and provide you and your guests with a unique and memorable experience. His program of eclectic songs will make you laugh, dance, reflect, cry and laugh again. . .